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Battle for the last (small) world is a Tiny Open-World Platformer Shooter! That is a lot to take in at once but the game is simple. You're in a dystopian future fighting an alien race for the last planet in existence!


Year: XXXX. It is a dark time for the human race. After going mad with power, they all destroyed each other!

While there were survivors, there was little hope because all of their homes were destroyed!

It was thought that all humanity was lost, but after months of searching. Commander LT ATLUS had discovered the very last planet in existence!

Less than 1 squared kilometers. If Captain LT ATLUS and his crew settled on the planet. Hope could be restored!

But it wasn't going to be that easy, as the mechanical alien race, the 'DISCUST' as they were referred as, wanted to settle on that tiny planet too!


WASD & Arrow Keys to move

Space to jump

Mouse to aim

Click to shoot


Left Stick to move

(A) to jump

Right Stick to aim

(Y) to reset aim

(LT) or (RT) to shoot

Made By Sniperninja564

Made for the LudumDare38

Made in GamemakerStudio2

Sound made using bfxr.net

Install instructions

Just Unzip ;)


BattleForTheLastWorld.zip 1 MB
LD38SOURCE.zip 398 kB

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